My name is Ava. I am a student, model
and daydreaming artist living in New York City. 
Above all, I'm your new aphrodisiac.
The muse and the artist.
Sultry and sweet. 
Shy and courageous.  
Brilliant and beautiful. 
Elegant and effortless. 
Your confidant, your companion. 
“I fell in love with her courage,
her sincerity,
and her flaming self respect.
And it's these things
I'd believe in, even if
the whole world indulged
in wild suspicions
that she wasn't all she should be.
I love her
and it is the beginning
of everything.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Who I am...


At 22,

I’ve worked as a model for 5 years. I started in commercial fashion, but now I am moving towards lingerie and beauty. I can’t say whom I have worked for, but at the moment you can walk into numerous stores around major cities and see me.  It's been a wonderful exposer to all facets of life. 


I am enrolled at a major university in New York as a graduate student for an M.A. in Social Psychology. I'm an aspiring fiction and erotica writer. I've edited and written published work. I'm working towards becoming a therapist, eventually psychiatrist, but I have many dreams and desires to accomplish between now and then.


My escapes have become jotting down little scripts,  playing guitar for myself, or wandering through art exhibits. Creating always whisks me away and settles my mind. My outlook is that if you are not creating, you are just consuming. 

I'm from the Northeast raised to be loving, accepting, progressive, and free-thinking. I grew up getting lost in the woods, reading old books, and hiking under starry skies on backbones of the country. 
I am a musician and a trained singer. I can climb a stage and serenade Jazz Standards off the top of my head. I still buy paperback books. My shelves hold worn classics, fem-lit, frivolous fiction and art history books. Instead of bars, I prefer seeing a show or live music.
I want to explore the world. I've been to 10 countries in the last two years with my sister (Kyra).  I've seen SE Asia with a backpack and a bike, broke bread in Provence with locals, was scrubbed at a hammam in Marrakesh, and learned the difference between Kinbaku and Shibari in Tokyo.  I am ready to keep exploring and I am hoping to do so with a partner in crime who wants to experience all the world has to offer together.
What am I like...
I would say (and I am told) I am very sweet. 
I believe in always being well dressed, standing tall, and keeping high standards for yourself and the people you let into your life. I value honesty and authenticity in myself and others. 
I'm very outgoing one on one, but I am naturally introverted so I’m a wonderful listener too. Modeling has made me confident, composed and effortlessly comfortable with friends and strangers. I understand shyness, but spending 10 minutes with me you'll feel like we have known each other forever.
So much of life is rushed, but I enjoy taking time to enjoy the easily missed, shared moments. A joke over morning coffee, a saxophone player in the subway, a foot rub after a long day. 

How am I here...


I have been fascinated by companionship for a long time. I knew I was never going to live an ordinary life. I dreamed of traveling the world, experiencing life, exploring the depths of humanity.  When I am with someone they have 100% of my attention, but I value my independence.

 I've always been a touch hedonistic, and always way too curious for my own good. We live in a world where women are expected to fit into neat little categories. It's contradicting to be both sexy, sweet, free-spirited, ambitious, a leader, a follower. A woman can be all of that and more, so why shouldn't she embrace it?

"Reality doesn't impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another."